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In recent months, there has been conversation in our State regarding public safety, violent crime and the prison population. Whenever such dialogue occurs, it is critical that basic facts be available to all citizens and other stakeholders engaged in the conversation. In an effort to facilitate this discussion, Michigan Prosecutors ask you to review the Michigan Prisoners, Violent Crime and Public Safety:  A Prosecutor's Report.

At the Capitol


Debate on juvenile justice reform has begun in Lansing and will continue into 2016. 

The Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan believes that any reform should be built on a set of principles: ...


PAAM Statement on Juvenile Justice Reform 

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Mike Wendling, PAAM President
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President's Office Facilitates Student Mock Trial

President Wendling on Truth in Sentencing...

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Herb R. Tanner, Jr

A 1986 graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School, Mr. Tanner began his career in private practice where he successfully defended felony and misdemeanor cases. He joined the Prosecutor's Office in Montcalm County, Michigan, in 1994 and was made Chief Assistant in 1999. He was primarily responsible for prosecuting felony cases. In April of 2003 he joined the Prosecuting Attorney's Association of Michigan as the Violence Against Women Training Attorney. 

While still in private practice Mr. Tanner was named 1990 Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year by the State Bar of Michigan. In 1996 he was recognized by the Michigan State Police Fire Marshal for excellence in prosecution of a serial arsonist.

Prior to joining the PAAM staff he was a frequent lecturer and instructor for PAAM, where he presented on basic trail advocacy, presentation of expert testimony in Domestic Violence cases, cross examination of experts, presentation of demonstrative evidence and the visual trial, DNA evidence, effective opening statements and the defense tactics in the drunk/drugged driving case.  In February of 2003, he received the Association's Distinguished Faculty Award.

Herb's expertise and training is in demand nationwide.  He has worked with many other state and national organizations.  He has served as faculty several times for the National District Attorney's Association and for statewide prosecutor or law enforcement associations, including in Missouri, Mississippi, Indiana, Delaware, Oregon, Idaho and North Carolina.  He works with the International Association of Chiefs of Police for its Leadership Institute on Violence Against Women, campus Leadership Institute on Violence Against Women, and its Train-the Trainer Program. 

His articles have been published in The Georgia  Prosecutor, American Bar Association's Criminal Justice Section Newsletter, the Michigan Bar Family Law Journal, NDAA's the Sexual Assault Report, and NDAA's Prosecutor.



Crime Victim Information

Anatomy of a Criminal Case

The steps taken during the course of a criminal case can be confusing.  The following summary will explain how a case generally progresses through Michigan's criminal justice system. Specific procedures may be - MORE