At the Capitol

The New Legislative Session in Michigan

The new, 2-year legislative session and 99th Michigan Legislature started in January 2017.

Any bill that did not pass in the previous session will have to be re-introduced and go through the legislative process. Criminal Justice, law enforcement and victim issues are a priority in the new session.  Senate kick off the new session, bills on drug abuse, traffic enforcement, public safety, regulatory measures are being introduced and will start to get committee meetings. This column will keep you posted through the year on the major issues being discussed and where you can find more information. The best way to influence legislation is to communicate with your elected officials on the criminal justice issues important to you.

You can:

  • Meet him/her back in the district on Mondays and Fridays. Many legislators will host public coffee hours—you can check your district’s web page for more details at
  • You can also email or call your Representative or Senator at:, or
  • Come to the Capitol on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays to meet with your Representative or Senator. You can get a complete schedule of the session days at

Watch this page for more information as reforms that are being debated move through the legislature.