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PACC Publications

Warrant Manual and Related Installations
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Courtroom Manual and Related Installations
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The electronic PACC Courtroom Manual, PACC Warrant Manual, and Michigan Prosecutor Newsletter subscriptions are available for purchase for $100.00 each. All subscriptions are for one calendar year and must be renewed.

The Courtroom Manual includes relevant decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Michigan Appellate courts. The Courtroom Manual has been reorganized from the alphabetic order reference guide previously used in the Trial Manual, to one where the topics follow the typical steps in a criminal case, from arrest through appeals.

The Warrant Manual includes charging language and PACC codes for all criminal laws and charges added by user request.


The Michigan Prosecutor Newsletter is a monthly publication which includes pending legislation, legal updates and other newsworthy items.

You may utilize these publications in your office as explained in the licensing agreement on the cover page of the manual. You may print paper copies and/or download the publications on all office computers, laptops, etc.You cannot provide copies for anyone who does not work in your office.The $100.00 fee for each publication includes any updates published through the end of the calendar year.

Please contact Jessica Lukas at or (517) 334-6060 extension 800 for information on how to subscribe to any of these publications

Downloadable Desktop Version of the Extradition Manual
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Downloadable PDF Version of the PACC Extradition Manual

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Government Links
Links to Michigan County and State web sites including State Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches as well as Federal web sites.
Information About Criminal Cases
Being Called To Testify in Court
BEING CALLED TO TESTIFY IN COURT may make you nervous. That is a natural reaction. Most witnesses have never testified in court before, and have only seen what witnesses have endured in movies and on TV. However, the criminal justice system cannot work without the cooperation and participation of witnesses. This page will explain some common-sense witness information, plus answer some typical questions.
Steps In a Criminal Case
WHAT HAPPENS DURING A CRIMINAL CASE may be confusing to a victim or witness. The following summary will explain how a case generally progresses through Michigan's criminal justice system. Specific procedures may be modified by local courts or judges.
Victim Rights
Crime In Michigan Touches All of Us
When one person is victimized, we all, as a community, suffer. If you are not personally a victim of crime, then you know a relative, friend or neighbor who is. Victims and witnesses naturally look to the criminal justice system for vindication and justice, but all too often find a court system which appears to be dedicated to protecting the very people who have caused their anger and pain. As a result of aggressive advocacy, crime victims have recently gained many rights. This page will help you to learn about those rights.
How Prosecuting Attorneys Can Help Crime Victims
CRIME VICTIMS CAN TURN TO PROSECUTING ATTORNEY OFFICES for help. Many offices have created Victim Assistance Programs to help crime victims during their involvement with the criminal justice system ... to answer questions ... to keep them informed ... to provide referrals to counseling and support groups ... and to provide personal assistance when possible.
Victim Compensation Fund
CRIME CAN TOUCH A VICTIM'S POCKETBOOK hardest of all. Victims naturally look to the criminal justice system for help. Court-ordered restitution is now mandatory, but sometimes is not enough to cover a victim's losses. This page will summarize how the Michigan Crime Victim Compensation Fund may be able to help. If you have further questions, contact your county Prosecuting Attorney's Victim Assistance Coordinator.
Victim FAQ's
(Frequently Asked Questions)

CRIME CAN BE A FRIGHTENING EXPERIENCE. You often feel violated by the intrusion into your life and are left with feelings of anger and pain. While the criminal justice system is designed to protect, support and serve our communities, most citizens do not learn about it until after they become victims of crime --- the worst possible time to try to understand the complex roles and responsibilities of each of the "players" in the system. However, no criminal can be successfully prosecuted without the valuable assistance of victims and witnesses. This page will answer many of the most common questions asked by crime victims. Other pages summarize how a criminal case proceeds through court, and explain legal terms commonly used in criminal cases.
Victim Resources & Links
CRIME VICTIMS CAN FIND HELP IN THE COMMUNITY. Being a victim of crime can be a frightening experience, but you are not alone. Many state and national programs and groups are available to help you cope with your experience now and in coming months. This page will help you to learn about resources in Michigan, nationally and on the Internet.
July 1, 2015 PACC Warrant Manual

2015 July PACC Warrant Manual PDF. To download: Right Click and select "Save As".
Case Law Summaries
2013 Crime Legislation Update

An Outline of Recently Passed Legislation From January 1 to December 31, 2013.





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